Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baby Pedi Tips

I started painting Adelei's toenails when she was around 9 months old. 
I had been going back and forth about doing it for months, but finally decided to take the plunge one day when I was doing my own.
It was definitely an interesting experience, and I've learned quite a few tricks on how to get a great baby pedicure without unnecessary chemicals.
So many people have asked me 'how do you get her to sit still?' Or 'How do you get to look so good?'
Well, here you go:
I do it while she's in her high chair eating dinner.
This not only keeps her contained so she's not wiggling all over the place, but it also keeps her occupied. She is focusing on the food, not what I'm doing.
I only use professional grade lacquer on her. The main reason for this is because it lasts so long, that I only do her toes every 2-3 weeks.
Another perk to the high chair? It has a foot rest, so I'm not having to hold her foot in my hand. She rests her foot on it, and I hold it steady with one hand & paint with the other.
If you make a mess, it's okay! One coat is cute, but 2-3 looks more vivid and will definitely help it stay on longer.
The main reason I do this at dinner time & not breakfast or lunch is because after dinner, she always gets a bath. So, if she does notice what I'm doing & starts wiggling her toes around while I'm painting, I don't fret. As soon as she's done eating [after her toes have had plenty of dry time!] I put her in the bathtub & let her play [aka let her toes soak]. I almost always get polish on her skin, since her toes are so small! Soaking her feet in the water allows the polish on her skin to loosen & I can then get it off with a wash cloth or very gently with my finger nails. No need for acetone.
And when that is all done...
You have this
Hope these tips help you give your little girl a sweet little pedicure!


chambanachik said...

I was iffy about painting Millie's toes the first time, but it was so cute, and she loves looking at my nail polish and having "sparkle toes". :)

Karen said...

I SO want to try this with my little girl!! I think I'll try tonight while she's eating dinner - the highchair is such a great idea!