Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kitchen Decor DIY

I've been scouring pinterest for cheap & easy decorating ideas for my kitchen.
I fell in love with this:
Except I don't have enough room for that.
And then I saw this:
Cute & Simple.
So here's what I did...
Bought the letters from Hobby Lobby [less than $3 each] 
 Painted them black, waited 30 minutes for them to dry....
 Added Mod Podge & began w. the glitter..

 A little goes a long way! I used my finger to spread out the glitter.
Once I finished all three letters, I let them dry on a flat surface overnight.
The next day I tapped off the extra glitter & then hung them on the wall!


Matt said...

So this is Oklahoma life, huh?

Lin said...