Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It feels like a Monday..........

Today is summer semester registration at my school.
Seniors get first pick, so we could go register any time between 8 & 10.

I got there at 7:50....mostly because I'm paranoid I won't get in to the class I need, but also because if I'm first in line, I won't have to wait forever and a day.
This is the LAST class I have to take before I can intern. I HAVE to get in.

I was the only student there, so I felt calm and kind of excited that I'd be able to go back home and get back in bed for a while.
Until the secretary told me that I had a 'business hold' on my account.
She said that meant I owed money to the university.

I was immediately pissed, and started trying to think of something that I forgot to pay...but I couldn't come up with anything. She sent me to the business office.
When I got there, the lady was a complete 'B' word.
She told me that the hold on my account was there because I owed them $25.00 for the doctor's visit last week.
She thought she had me...only, I'm smarter than her....
I pulled out my receipt SHOWING clearly that I had paid it, and she told me there was nothing she could do about it and I needed to take it up with the health center.

So, I walk to the health center, and I'm telling the secretary my issue. She pulls up my account and tells me that I indeed paid the fee. EXACTLY!
She calls the secretary at the business office, but that 'B' won't accept it....aka I still had a hold on my account. She had to fax a copy of the receipt THAT I JUST FREAKING SHOWED THE LADY in order to have my hold cleared.

I finally went back to the art dept, thinking I would be able to register for my class. The secretary there told me that my hold was still on. She did me a huge favor and called the business office. Before she could even tell them what she needed to talk to them about, they put her on hold. After about 10 minutes, she hung up and called them again, and asked them why that had not cleared my hold yet....'Because we've been so busy'.
I would believe that....except it was a lie. Because all they do all day is help students, and guess what........there weren't any students in there except for me! [and they sure as heck weren't helping me!]
An hour and a half AFTER I got there, I was finally able to register for my class.
I just don't understand why people have to make things SO difficult for others.


Amanda T said...

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Smart Ass Sara said...

Dang girl. Mad props to you for not going completely bat shit bitch on them. Because depending on the time of the month, I probably would have. Mostly because I've worked in the college system (the business office to be exact) so I know how stuff works and it literally is clicking one button. BUT you get those people who are on power trips and just suck in general. OR someone peed in her orange juice. Which would make me cranky too. :)

Jeanette said...

Oh my goodness. You still got the class though, that's good! I was really worried I wouldn't get in mine either.

And by the way. Am I going to see you and Matt's shining faces in Michigan this summer for Warped or what?

Mr O said...

Troy has been giving you a lot of grief when it comes to situations like this. If only Auburn had been a little cooler, just imagine how different college would have been.

I like it when my face shines, and hopefully ours will this summer

Haley Dawn said...

admin at ANY school sucks. it is all bureaucracy

Anonymous said...

This is probably one of the namy reasons why I did not attend college in the first place. But you are a much better person than I would have been in that situation.