Thursday, March 18, 2010

My baby is growin up!

Remember my little baby girl, Kami?

[ignore the crappy picture quality]
Well, she's not so little any more.

[she can barely fit in her bed now!!]
She's 4 months old and growing up fast.
She is now 28 inches long [not including her tail]
and 24 lbs!!!

She's still just as sweet as can be, though!


Cassie said...

OMG she is so big! you guys are gonna need a bigger apartment! :)

Mr O said...

WHOA who is that? Haha

She's gonna beat me up next time I see her...

Smart Ass Sara said...

AWWWW!!! My gay cat is getting fatter. That's news, right?? :)

Lisa Anne said...

She's so cute. They get so big so fast. I actually can't wait for little Emmitt to get bigger. he's only 5lbs and too small, we still step on him

Jeanette said...

Adorable! I want to play with the puppy!

Kimberly said...

Your puppy is so cute! I also see in the last picture that she is chewing on a chew toy like the one I bought my baby... and mine REFUSES to touch it. It was a wasted 9 bucks.
pee ess
Love the bandana.

____j said...

@ Kimberly - Ya, the toy was pretty expensive! She was going through 2-3 toys a week because she was so rough with them, so we had to break down and spend a little extra. At first, Kami wouldn't play with it either. But she wants anything that is ours, or that we use often, so we just started throwing it around to each other, and then she wanted it.