Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Monday again [sigh]
which means that it's time for me to plan this weeks menu.

So, what are we having this week?
[in no particular order]
Black Bean Soup with whole wheat crackers
Braised Paprika Chicken with whole wheat pasta
Spicy Fatboy Sausage Pasta
Grilled Pork Chops marinated in Spicy Soy sauce with Wild Rice mixed with mushrooms & Toasted Almonds

Now I'm off to do homework and watch Secret Life...
*ohhhhhhhh joy*


Smart Ass Sara said...

My menu and mad shopping skillz will be up tomorrow! :)

Mr O said...

c'mon now, you're not a rookie -- put a title!

Other than that, Frisco and I have been cooking stuff lately. If you guys just want to keep on driving we can cook for you this weekend...

____j said...

Sara - I can't wait to see your menu and possibly steal some of your ideas ;)

Matt - UMMM, NOT call me out for not putting a title. It has NOTHING to do with being a rookie or not, I just didn't FEEL a title for this post. So there. Oh, and expect a really freaking hard punch this weekend...or a series of hard punches. That will teach you a lesson.

Cassie said...

So Tivo did NOT record any episodes of Secret Life while I was gone! How sucky is that?

____j said...

That SUCKS! Last night's episode was kind of lame though, so you didn't really miss out on that. I'm pretty sure you could find the episodes online on OR hulu.