Sunday, March 14, 2010

I hope you dance

Spring break is over. It went by all too quickly.
Besides getting a tattoo, we went to the beach...

Our hotel was amazing,

I found out that the Jersey Shore cast was going to be at this certain hotel/restaurant while we were there........AND NO ONE WOULD LET ME GO. Okay, you can judge me all you want. I just wanted to have my picture taken with snooki.

We ate a lot of good food, saw a random drunk guy's butt, tried to ignore abortion activists, watched the guys go go-kart racing, drank a little hunch punch, and of course went shopping!

I spent the rest of my spring break helping my grandmother renovate the trailer that she rents.

And starts back [yuck]
So, today will be spent being as lazy as possible ;)
Hope you guys have a great day!


Emma Hughes said...

Sounds like a fabulously fun trip!! :) You guys are so cute in the photo at the top :)

Jeanette said...

That's awesome! I would've gone to meet the Jersey Shore cast with you! That would've been bad ass. Although you all look a little chilly on the beach there. :)

Smart Ass Sara said...

OMG- I fucking LOVE activists because they are so mentally unstable it's like free entertainment. Except the abortion ones that chase you down with things in jars. One time I go chase with a picket sign when I told them to stop putting shit in my car windows. That guy literally ran after me trying to hit me with a sign. Loser.

But this weekend I saw scientology picketers! THEY were super fun and let me take my picture with them with the "FREE SURI" on my hands. It was awesome. They were awesome. :)

Mr O said...

Yea man, get all your laziness out while you can. I already feel my days going by too fast.

And that last picture was really really nice.

____j said...

@Emma - Thanks! I think so, too ;)

@Jeanette - YOU SHOULD HAVE COME WITH ME! And yea, we were cold. We never even took our clothes off.

@Sara - I saw your pics with the picketers lol. The ones at the beach had HUGE posters of mutilated babies. It was really disgusting.

@Matt - Glad you like the pic. If you get too bored, let me know and maybe we can figure something out.

Cassie said...

I love that first picture of you guys! I never realized how tall Aaron was until I saw that group picture. He's leaning down and is still taller than everyone else! And Jason said he would have gone with you to see the Jersey Shore peeps.