Monday, March 15, 2010

Boys and their toys...are annoying.

Remember last year, when Aaron got his new car?
Well, like most guys, it quickly became 'his baby'.

He has been talking NONSTOP about all these things he wants to do to it [most of it is greek to me]
He absolutely needed new tires, which he got, but he did not absolutely need these top of the line sport performance tires that he got that cost over $500.
So, when we got our tax returns back, he asked me if I thought it would be a good idea to get his windows tinted. *sigh* Obviously, I didn't care, as long as it wasn't going to cost us an arm and a leg. He called around, got estimates, and whatdaya know...this one place just happened to be having a sale on their tint this week.
I will say, I wasn't bothered, only because it was pretty cheap [$170, with a life time warrenty]. What bothered me is that now that Aaron 'started' with his car modifications, he doesn't want to stop.
For instance...he went to autozone today and got new head lights. I know, you're probably like 'What's wrong with that, don't you want him to see at night?'
And the answer is..Yes, I do. But here is what you don't understand. Aaron didn't NEED them. He didn't need new ones, period, but especially not these really fancy ones that he decided to get.
'But Jamie, they're only $20'
So I didn't feel that bad.
Til I saw the receipt.
$20 A PIECE.
You do the math.

Come on, make me feel better. Is there anything you think is completely ridiculous that your boyfriend/husband/significant other likes to blow his money on?


Smart Ass Sara said...

Oh..let's run this like an AA meeting, mmkay?? I'll start. (OK, so you I'm second. Whatever)

Hi, I'm Sara. And my asshole of a husband is addicted to computers. I have 3 laptops, and 4 computers in the house. This doesn't include the 4 computers in the garage. They all work, they all have their own purpose (supposedly), but I'm only allowed on one. We have boxes and BOXES of computer cords, cables, extra parts, etc. He "mods" the cases so the one I get to use has a light and a window, but you can't tell because of course it's on the floor against the wall. He secretly buys things all of the time for these computers yet I can't get my back door fixed. Because it won't open anymore. I can't get a functioning laundry sink. I can't get my kitchen sink fixed because you know---the one computer needs a better video card. My bad.

Jenn(ifer) said...

Yes! I agree... boys and their toys ARE annoying.

Cassie said...

Welcome to the effing club. Jason just spent $1300 on a new TV. Now he wants an xbox 360 AND a PS3.

Jeanette said...

I don't have a significant other so no... haha but I spend a lot on concert merch and DVD's I don't need.

Anonymous said...

I can totally see why you would be a little peeved. My husband brews his own beer and I don't even want to know how much his equipment and grains cost. Luckily, we have separate checking accounts and I don't have to know!

Lisa Anne said...

My BF likes to but football jerseys and hang them on the walls. He has a ton of them all framed and everything. I'm like enough already. This phase was after his "doll" phase where he was buiying little dolls. Well most people call them action figures, I see them as dolls. Do we really need all the HALO and Super Mario characters around the house? LOL

____j said...

@ Sara - You'd probably think that we were addicted to computers, too, if you came in our apartment. We have 3 laptops and a desktop. Two are very old, and pretty much suck. But we just can't seem to part with them. ha

@ Cas - Aaron wants a PS3, too. And I told him there was NO WAY in hades that he was going to get another game least until he buys me my wedding band.

@ Amber - That is a cool hobby though. or so it seems. We have separate bank accounts, too [for now], but we know each others passwords, so I check up on him regularly :)

@ Lisa - Jerseys and 'dolls' has to be the worst obsessions ever. I don't know how you deal with that! LOL it would drive me NUTS.

Mr O said...

I know, you're probably like 'What's wrong with that, don't you want him to see at night?'

That made me laugh really hard.

Ok, time to get some testosterone up in here!

If I had the money, I would get a screen that acts as a GPS/CD player/Ipod connection/possible DVD player. Tinted windows would be nice. That's all I want done to my car.

But I need a surround system for my house. Like, legit not just stereo speakers.

Maybe it's a gene in our DNA

(as I close this comment, I am thinking of what you are going to say to insult me about this)

Mr O said...

Two comments? Who does that? Me...

"And I told him there was NO WAY in hades that he was going to get another game least until he buys me my wedding band."

At least you negotiate

____j said...

@ Matt - Did I fail to mention that we got surround sound? Oh yea, we got surround sound. And that is all I'm going to say about that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaime. I found your blog through Sara! Gotta lurve her!

Anywhoo....I totally agree with you in the whole nonsense of once boys start buying toys they can't stop. My best friend is a music nut and we went into a music store and he bought a triangle. Really? Are we leading an elementary school band?

And guys say we are bad with our shopping habits!