Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the way I see it..

It seems like no matter how long I sleep, I'm never satisfied.
Seriously, I'm 22. I should not be this tired all the time.
This weekend, I definitely didn't get to catch up on sleep. Saturday I went to work, and worked all day, by myself. Sunday I went to church, and then went out to eat with my sister.
I swear I almost fell asleep on the hour drive back to Troy.

Aaron took me to the movies Sunday night [when I should have been doing home work, or going to sleep early, ha] to see Saw. I'm not going to lie. I almost threw up within the first 5 minutes. So why do I torture myself and see these movies every time they come out? Because it's just a thing my friends and I have. It helps us bond [as weird as that sounds]. The first one wasn't even scary/nasty. The budget was so low that it was actually KIND OF crappy in an intriguing way. And here we go with number 6, which freaked me the HECK out. I'm seriously wondering if there is going to be a 7, and while my heart says no, my head says LET'S DO THIS.

My sister and I went to Montgomery to get her matron maid of honor dress yesterday. It was a success [sorry no pics]. But while we were there, there was an older lady trying on dresses, too. She was hilarious, but maybe in one of those 'you just had to be there' kind of ways. She was all "I'm 65, I hope this is my last marriage, all my other husbands are dead."
and......"How about spanx. They really do drop you down a dress size, but where does the fat go?"

Well, I'm off to take a nap before I dig in to this never ending list of things 'to-do'.
Have a great week!


Jeanette said...

Yeah. At least they are still tying them together that's good. I think they should probably stop though.. but there is already plans for 7, I mean people are still going to see them.

Lisa Anne said...

I can't wait to see saw, I'm glad you didn't post any spoilers. I also can't wait to see paranormal activity. Have you seen it. I always wonder about spanx, do they roll down on you?

____j said...

-Lisa: I haven't seen paranormal activity, it looks TOO scary for me. ha! I have never worn spanks, but I will probably look into them for the wedding. I will let you know if I do.