Monday, October 5, 2009

brick by boring brick

I'm on day two of my no carbonation/no caffeine diet [yes, i'm trying it again], and I haven't hurt anyone yet :) but,
I finally deleted my myspace.
I'm all about some facebook! hah

I also finally decided to post pictures of the invitations for you all to see, since I've been keeping you all updating in the planning process :)

We are [hopefully] going this week to pick out wedding bands, pick out the style of tux for the groomsmen, and [if we have time] going to set our cake plans in stone.

Still have not heard anything from the photographer who took our engagement pictures. Although, we were supposed to get a 'sample' by LAST Tuesday night *sigh*


Bluebelle said...

Those are gorgeous, I love that uber stylish black pattern. Very nice!bl

Lisa Anne said...

Oh I love those invitations!! I can't wait to get married and do a Halloween themed wedding. I know i'm weird.

Bri said...


I desperately want to delete my myspace, I used it a couple times and was completely turned off by the weirdos and neon ghetto-ness.
I just can't bring myself to log in to delete the damn thing. I'm too grossed out. :]

Mr O said...

i keep my myspace for random things like finding out my brother is in a band???

like your post title by the way

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the caffiene. I've tried a few times and I can't do it!
CUUUUTE invitations!!

LiLu said...

LOVE the invitations! And I totally need to delete my myspace too...

Emma Hughes said...

Those are beautiful Jamie!