Friday, October 16, 2009

Look at my babies!!

My nieces are going to be my flower girls [yes, all 3], and these are the dresses that we got for them. Nanny got the girls to try them on to make sure they fit, andddd they do.
Aren't they too cute? I was so excited when I got this picture.

We also met with the cake artist. I am thrilled about it!

This was the original design

But after meeting with her, and listening to her expertise, it's going to be more like this

I still love it!

Last night was date night for us.
We went to Dothan
Bought his wedding band
Picked out my wedding band
Found THE vase for the unity sand ceremony
also bought the sand
Browsed Bed, Bath, & Beyond for close to an hour
and wished/hoped/prayed that We'll get everything on our registry
Bought cute napkins for the reception
Ate at a fabulous Mexican Restaurant while waiting for the rain to die down
And discovered Burlington Coat Factory, which means that skiing in Gatlinburg for the honeymoon may be a possibility now, since they have pretty cheap ski jackets/pants.
And then came back to Troy to see Couple's Retreat. [It was decent]

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Jeanette said...

They are adorable... and I like everything in this post!

Cassie said...

It sounds like you guys got a lot done! Gatlinburg sounds like a good honeymoon...I've always wanted to go there. And the girls look so cute in their dresses!

Miss Peregrin said...

Aww, your nieces are so adorable!