Saturday, March 14, 2009

we've got everybody singin....

I'm back in Troy, after a much needed mini-vacation, and a dreaded cold. The beach was quite nice, and I wish I could have stayed longer. Georgia was good, too, minus the sickness.

We had an amazing time at a concert where we saw 10 years, the Leo Project, and Adelita's Way. they were even nice enough to take pictures with us. Although, my FAVORITE picture is on my friend's camera. haha, I'll post it later.

I even saw Brody Jenner. I mean, I didn't go up and talk to him or anything, but hey, I was star struck ;)

Now, it's back to reality. Back to all the art projects and writing lesson plans, for the next month or so. Hope your spring break is as exciting as mine was!!

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Meme said...

Hello! I'm from 20 something year old bloggers, I like your blog.
Brody Jenner...yum!!