Sunday, March 15, 2009

the old man is snooring

It's a rainy day in Southern Alabama. NOT the way I like it.

Anyways, anyone who knows me knows that I love to cook, and I love to spoil my boyfriend.
So, while I was at Target this weekend, I got him a few special things. Well, they may not seem special to anyone else, but trust me, the way to his heart IS through his stomach.

Aaron LOVES pancakes. Usually, we just buy the pre-made mix at Walmart, and then add bananas, or chocolate chips, but I could NOT pass this up:


We tried them this morning, and they are absolutely delicious. We used whipped cream as a topping instead of syrup though.

Here they are! Sorry for the poor quality of pictures. When I went to grab my camera, the batteries were dead, so I had to use my phone. I'm telling you, if you don't try these, you are really missing out. It cost me about $3.50 for a box [half of the box was plenty enough for two or three people], but they do not disappoint.

I also got him caramel monkey bread mix. I haven't made it for him yet though. He likes my homemade monkey bread, so we'll see if this measures up! I'll let you know! Happy Sunday :)


Jessy said...

Oooooh yummm. Those look really good! Lately I have had a pancake addiction, so I might just have to try those!

btw- I found you through the 20sb group I like blogger friends and comments =)

Shannon said...

I actually contemplated getting those the other day! Hm, maybe I should!

____j said...

you so should!

Cassie said...

Those look so good...I should have bought some today when I was at Target!