Sunday, March 22, 2009


I recently decided that I wanted to have a give-away on my blog. Since art is my big thing, I decided to give one of you an original oil painting by me.

Here's a picture of the painting:

To enter, just leave a comment with your email address [so I can contact you if you win], and tell me something kind of art thing (such as, who is your fav. artist, what your fav. genre of art is, if you've visited any art museums)

For an extra chance to win, simply 'follow' my blog!

Winner will be announced Friday, March 27th.


Jessy said...

I'll enter! My email is

Honestly I don't know enough about art to have a favorite artist, however my favorite kind of art to do is with charcoal. I took an art class once and I had a lot of fun doing that. I also really like to paint with the dot technique (I know it's not called that, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about).

Should I promote this on my blog?

Bluebelle said...

Ooh me too, that painting is so cute! My email is

I don't really know much about art but one of my favourite paintings is Paris Street; Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte. I like that the man and woman in the front are looking at something that we can't see.

I've never entered a giveaway you want me to link to this on my blog?

Cassie said...

So cute! I know I can't win but I'm twittering it for you anyway :)

Christy said...

I really like that!

I don't know much about art either, but I love going to museums. The most recent was the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

L.C.T. said...

That's very very cute. I'm in! (that's LCTheaven, not ICTheaven!)


roy said...

Ooh, yay!

The swirly sky reminds me of Van Gough's paintings and the owl's slightly scared expression reminds me of Plop, the baby barn owl from 'The owl who was afraid of the dark', one of my favourite childhood stories.

My email is