Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New, New.

Want to know what happens when you neglect your blog for over a month? You lose followers AND have 600+ unread posts to read. So. Much. Fun.

But I'm back, with an update on last year's goals, and a few new ones.

-Lose 10lbs [done 11/9/12]
-Make at least 2 garments for myself that I will actually wear! [fail! I started a skirt, but never finished.]
-Make a quiet book for Adelei [fail! This year, maybe?]
-Start couponing more seriously [done! I've gotten quite good, especially for the lack of good stores in our town.]
-Try 1 new recipe per week [done! I'm always trying new things. I hate getting stuck in a rut!]
-Blog daily [not including weekends] 
Obviously this was the most epic of failures. I've decided that this isn't really realistic for me at this point in my life. 
-Create my own button/header, etc...revamp blog [done! 5/9/12]
-Create Adelei's 1st year scrapbook [fail. Admitting that is so embarrassing.]
-Create & maintain bill/budget notebook [done. 6/12/12]
-Exercise daily 
Yikes! This one varies. I try to exercise daily. But sometimes it just doesn't happen. Usually I get it done when the baby is napping, but sometimes this Momma needs a nap, too!
-Start taking vitamins [done. 11/1/12]
-Establish a health/beauty routine & stick with it [done. 10/5/12]

-Lose 15lbs
-Read at least 12 books
-Improve my etsy shop
-Create a recipe binder/smashbook
+ plus the goals from last year that I didn't quite meet.

What are your goals for 2013? 
I'm looking forward to getting back in to blogging and catching up with you all.

Happy New Year!

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