Saturday, November 10, 2012

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart...

On Monday, my husband got a call from our real estate company asking if we had two dogs.
He said yes, and they proceeded to say that we were in violation of our lease & if we didn't get rid of the dog in 24 hours, we could be up for eviction.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Unfortunately, by the time that I got off work to try to clear this matter up, they had already closed.
I went home & did my research.
We paid a pet deposit. Our lease says 'pets approved'.
Tuesday, I called the real estate company & asked to speak with the rental manager.
Long story short...even though it says in our lease, in black & white, 'pets approved' the home owner only wants one animal on the property. Therefore, if we don't get rid of our dear sweet Kaiser, we'll be forced to move and it will report negatively on our rental history.
For us, it was painfully obvious what we were going to have to do.
We don't have the time or the funds to move again. I spent all day Wednesday calling local breeders and vets with no luck. I finally had to turn to Craigslist. After a few emails from some pretty sketchy people, I was finally contacted by someone that seemed okay. We emailed back and forth for two days, and we finally met him last night. We really lucked out! Not only was he very nice, he has a house with a yard, and two other [older] dogs that need livening up. As much as I hate to see this cute face go, I'm glad he's getting a good home.

So today, we're all lounging around, being sad and missing our little man.
Have any of you dealt with sketchy landlords?


Anonymous said...

Unless your lease states that you may only have one pet, you're not in violation and your landlord would have to pay for you to move. They can't evict you legally since THEY approved it and didn't specify.

I'd honestly go to JAG and have them contact the home owner.

I'm so sorry your'e dealing with this. I had a landlord in Chicago who was a complete piece of work, and I actually got served with his FORECLOSURE papers when I was living there (and paying rent). I promptly took the paperwork into work and had one of the attorneys deal with it. Dude wound up owing me 7K in the end.

Mrs. Nix said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry, Jamie. :( You guys must be heartbroken - I can't even imagine how you feel. And just like Doc's Girl said above, you really do have the right to keep Kaiser if the lease doesn't specify the number of pets allowed. As painful as it is, I'd go to an attorney.

chambanachik said...

That is crazy. :(