Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sometimes Cheaper Isn't Better

Saturday afternoon, we ventured to my MIL's house.
While there, she was telling me all about how her boyfriend went to this local grocery store and found such great deals. One of these great deals included a whole case of beef broth for $2.
Can you believe that? I was surprised, but agreed that that was an awesome deal seeing as I usually can't get a can of it for less than $1.
As we're leaving, she sends me home with a few cans, I thank her, and on we go.

Fast forward to today.
I get out my crock pot, and am getting out all the ingredients to make french dip sandwiches.
I don't even think twice as I open a can of the beef broth that she gave me until I notice what looks like mold on the top. I grab the top of the can that I had just pulled off....
IT EXPIRED IN MAY OF 09! I thought maybe it was just a freak accident, so I checked the other two, & both of them were expired as well.
Are you kidding me? No wonder they got 'such a good deal' on this stuff.

I immediately called my MIL to tell her & she checked her cans. All I could think of after that was 'Thank God I actually looked before I just poured it in the pot". We could have really gotten sick from this stuff. I can't believe that a grocer would feel OK with selling out of date products.

Lesson learned: If it seems to good of a deal, CHECK the expiration date.


Lin said...

Ew...that's totally uncool of a grocer to sell expired merchandise. Good thing you looked!

Smart Ass Sara said...

I do that with everything all of the time. Or if I see stuff on super sale, I'm especially wary because most of the time it's almost set to expire. Grossness. :/

chambanachik said...