Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Life Update

Since the last time I blogged I....
  • graduated from college.
  • started back to work at my minimum wage job until I can [hopefully] get a big girl salary job.
  • started my 32nd week of pregnancy.
  • came home to 92 unread blog entries. woo wee, I've got a lot to catch up on.
  • said goodbye to my husband for 2 weeks while he goes to Annual Training for the National Guard.
  • made another cute dress for Adelei. [I can't WAIT for her to get here]

What have YOU been up to?


Smart Ass Sara said...

AH! I wish I could have been screaming for you at your graduation! :) You look great, Jamie!! And on a side note, I wish you wouldn't die from cold weather because we have teaching jobs GALORE up here. Pretty much everyone is retiring. :/

Lin said...

Congratulations on graduating! And, that dress is adorable.

chambanachik said...


I definitely know how those ATs can be. Hope it flies by for you both!