Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spoiler Alert

Today, while Mr. O was visiting me, we decided to do a vlog about the high [and low] parts of our friendship. But by the time we got done, it was 7+ minutes, and we thought that most people would think that would be too long. SO, we took a Tosh.O approach and made a 'spoiler alert' type video. If you like what you see and/or are curious to see the full version, let me know and we will post it for your viewing pleasure.

Until then:


Shirley said...

I think you should post the full length video! I think it would be hilarious.

Smart Ass Sara said...

You should post the full one!

And you two are hilarious. Matt reminds me of my brother Travis. It's almost creepy? HAHA! But I remember once I was driving to school, I had to bring my bro and his friend, and they were running late. I am NEVER late, so after a bunch of warnings.. I left their asses. They were pissed. And my mom was too because now she had to drive them, but then after school she said it was hysterical because I was so anxious about being late, and I had everything meticulously set aside and there they were- playing fucking Madden football to the LAST minute. Assholes. :)