Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Yesterday was my last day at the elementary school.
It was so bittersweet.
There were days that I came home absolutely loving what I do, and some days where I came home wondering what I got myself into.
Next week I will start at the high school.
It's a whole 'nother world.
Oh well. 8 more weeks until I'm done with the whole thing.
This weekend I'm just relaxing. There are a lot of things I COULD be doing, but honestly, I just need a break. If I get some motivation later, then so be it.

I stole this idea from Melissa at Days filled with Love. She just had her bundle of joy! Go check her out.

How far along? almost 23 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 6 lbs gained
Sleep: Some nights I sleep really well, and some nights all I can do is toss and turn.
Food cravings: corn dogs, root beer, cream cheese wontons
Best moment this week: Hearing her heartbeat!
Movement: I've been able to feel her kick more and more! I love it :)
Gender: girl!
Stretchies: none, yet.
Belly Button in or out? still in, for now.
What I miss: sleeping on my stomach, eating sushi, regular jeans.
What I am looking forward to: the baby shower, and a 4D ultrasound.
Symptoms: random body aches.
Milestones: half way done!
Weekly wisdom: none, yet.
Emotions: excited!

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Smart Ass Sara said...

My fear was having an outie belly button. Because it's too similar to Cabbage Patch kids and they freak me the hell out. BUT I remained an innie... even at the very end.