Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's a beautiful morning

This weekend has been so simple, yet so fulfilling!
Yesterday started out awesome!
Aaron went to the local donut shop and came home with a few of these for me

Beautiful braided pastries with strawberry syrup and cream cheese drizzle.

I ate the first one so fast, I forgot to take a picture. Thankfully I had another.
I spent the rest of the day putting up a shelf, getting rid of useless stuff we've collected over the years, cleaning & organizing the baby's room [and I finally got a frame for the first ultrasound!].

Only thing missing on the dresser is the T.V.

And since we only have TWO tiny closets, we definitely had to get a dresser for the baby's clothes. I did finally come to terms with the fact that I can no longer fit into my size 5 jeans, so I put them into a space bag, sucked out all the air, and made room for my maternity clothes.

For now, we're set. We're just waiting to find out the sex of the baby [tomorrow!]
Our baby shower is coming up in three weeks, and I couldn't be more excited! Some people have asked me why I am having it so early, and honestly? I'm a planner. I can't stand not having a plan. I feel like if I waited until 30-35 weeks to have a shower, I would feel unprepared. So, early it is! And then I'll still have plenty of time to acquire the rest of the things I need.

Today has been a very peaceful day. I've been making lots of new headbands, so check them out!

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Jeanette said...

AHHH!! It looks so cute and I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl!