Monday, January 17, 2011

Pastrama Momma

I've been searching my brain for things to blog about, and the only things I can come up with have to do with my internship and the baby. But, since I can't blog about my internship [because I'm not anonymous, and no offense friends, but if I got pulled from my internship because of a blog post, I would be so pissed off I would probably never blog again] I guess I can answer some questions that I seem to be asked every. single. day.

  • I am 16 weeks as of today.
  • My due date is July 3rd, 2011.
  • I don't know yet if it's a boy or girl, but we ARE going to find out.
  • Yes, I have picked out names. No, I will not tell you what they are. [But maybe, just maybe before the birth]
  • I am over the morning sickness phase and on to the chronic headache phase.
  • I am constantly craving mozzarella sticks [only from sonic], fried green tomatoes, nachos from Momma Goldberg's, ice cream, and root beer, but NOT all at the same time.
  • I have only gained 5 pounds so far.
  • We are not getting rid of our dog.
  • Yes, I use coupons, so if you have any diaper/wipes/formula coupons, feel free to send them my way.
  • It doesn't matter if I sleep 5 hours or 10 hours, I always wake up feeling completely exhausted.
  • And yes, I do plan on [at least trying to] breastfeed.


Smart Ass Sara said...

OMG- I hated trying to breastfeed. HAHA!! But the worst is your milk drying up. Seriously- I think that hurt worse than the damn beginning contractions. Granted, I have D's, and they were ROCK HARD. I thought I was going to die. Seriously just die.

Can I just tell you I'm ridiculously excited for your baby??? I have baby fever. It's horrible.

Danielle said...

I registered on EVERY website for the products that I used. Baby food websites, diapers, toys etc and I use them all the time! I also tried breastfeeding and I lasted a month. I just didn't produce enough milk, unfortunately, so it didn't allow me to get ahead a feeding which becomes very time consuming and frustrating. But I LOVED the time that i did do it. Plus, I lost my baby weight really fast and the longer you do it the better off you are! Not to mention it's great for baby! :) I enjoyed this post and I love hearing about the baby, so I don't feel like you shouldn't post because that's all you want to talk about! That's all any of us want to talk about when we're pregnant! :) So glad that you're over the morning sickness phase although headaches are the worst, I had migraines my entire pregnancy!

chambanachik said...

It's amazing how many times you answer the same things, isn't it? :)

melissa said...

i HATED (and still do) the dog questions!! why would i get rid of my dog just because i am having a baby?!?!? people can be a little silly :)

Katie said...

Oh come on you gotta tell us the namess! Haha just kidding, I can wait....
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