Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh the life of a Military wife

Friday night was the Dining Out for Aaron's ROTC program.
So I got all jazzed up for the evening.He introduced me to all his friends and commanding officers like this: "Hey, this is my wife Jamie...she's pregnant."
I was just so awkwardly hilarious.
Our dinner was catered by the school. In case you don't get what I'm trying to say, it was gross. Aaron said he thought they bought a whole bunch of frozen dinners and just heated them up. Even the cake tasted stale.
Even though it was fun to get all made up for the night, I was so glad to get home and get into my pajamas!

In case you were wondering...
I rented my dress from
I will not be wasting my money on that ever again.
First of all, when it came, there were tiny rips/holes in the dress. Luckily I had gotten a backup from them for free.
As you can see from the picture, it was extremely long on me, even though I was wearing high heels. If I would have just bought a dress, I could have had it altered.
According to their policy, you have to send the dress back the day after your event in this prepaid envelope, which I thought was no big deal.
Except, hey, the post offices around here aren't opened on Saturdays.
Also, when we went to send the dress off today, the 'prepaid' envelope was only prepaid for up to a pound. LIKE a long evening gown is going to weigh less than a pound. So we ended up having to pay extra to even ship it back.
All I'm saying is renting a dress seems nice in theory, but after all is said and done, it wasn't worth it in my opinion.
I would definitely weigh out my pros and cons BEFORE hitting the add to cart button if I were you.


Smart Ass Sara said...

Despite the nightmarish hassle.... you looked great!! :) At least you get to do fancy type stuff... even if it means frozen dinners. LOL! Matt took me to Burger King for a date. Guess who didn't get sex later? Matt. HA!

Asha said...

I never thought to rent a dress before. Had I have known I may have looked into for the military balls when my husband was still in Fort Hood.
I'm short too. I would have had the same problem with the length. You still looked beautiful though.