Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mumbo Jumbo

All these people keep asking me if I'm nervous, and it's making me nervous.

I wasn't before, but the more people ask if I am..........well, I am.
I guess I just hadn't put much thought into it before.

It's not that I think that I'm doing the wrong thing, or making a mistake...
I'm worried that I might trip over my dress and fall flat on my face in front of God & every body.

I'm going to miss you guys next week when I'm gone on my honeymoon, but I'll catch up when I get back.


Jeanette said...

Congratulations! and I'm sure you'll do fine!!

Miss Peregrin said...

Good luck!

Emma Hughes said...

DONT WORRY!!! Once your there and walking up the aisle it is totally different to how you imagine. i was nearly sick 3 times before walking up!!! but once the door opened i didnt even see anyone... just kept looking at James :)

it will be the best day of your life so far, I promise!! :) cant wait cant wait cant wait to see photos :D