Friday, March 22, 2013

Bless My Heart, Bless My Soul

At this moment, I'm lounging on the recliner with my laptop & one earbud in listening to Alabama Shakes as loud as my ear can stand. Yes, only one earbud, on the off chance that my sleeping baby may wake and need me. 
Mom Life.
 It's been a while since I last updated, as a few of my blog friends have emailed to remind me. Where have I been? What have I been up to?
Everything and nothing.

To summarize the past month...
I quit my job. That was a glorious feeling.
I got really, really sick. I wouldn't wish gallbladder issues on my worst enemy.
My family came to town for two weeks. We went to a ball, and even had a few date nights without having to pay a babysitter! 

Other than that, I've been settling in to the whole stay at home mom routine again, and staying busy with my shop.

I do intend on blogging more regularly from here on out, but I can't make any promises. So if you'd like to keep up with me, you can find me on instagram, facebook, and sometimes even twitter.

Happy Weekend!

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Ashley said...

Sorry about your gall bladder! Did you have it taken out? If not, it's a really simple surgery (minimally invasive) and may help you out a lot! Ma had hers taken out and she's so glad she did! I know you enjoyed Nanny and Dede being able to visit; loved all the pics Dede posted! :) I wore my hair up last Sunday to church and Nanny came up to me about to scold me because she thought I'd cut off all my She got close and said, I'm so glad you didn't cut it off, I was about to get on to you!" She's still lively as ever. Hope you're doing well! xoxo