Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wisdom, but not wiser.

I went last Wednesday to have my wisdom teeth pulled. I was assured that it was an easy process and that I would be fine. I wasn't that nervous.
It was a fairly quick, painless procedure [thanks to the numbing shots and nitrous].
Afterwards was a different story. 
They told me the medicine the prescribed would probably make me sleep all day, and I was totally okay with that. However, it did the opposite for me. It wired me. I could not fall asleep to save my life.
And because I was awake? I thought I was starving. Guess what y'all? Those mashed potatoes and soup just weren't cutting it. Add to that the fact that the taste of blood was making me nauseous, this whole recovery process was starting to suck.
On Saturday, I felt well enough to start eating solid food. Thank God! 
On Monday, things just didn't feel right, so I called the dentist's office. I spoke with the hygienist who helped with my procedure, and she basically told me that I was overreacting and just to keep an eye on it. Awesome. Monday night/all day Tuesday was spent in a sinus medicine induced dazed. And today, the pain was so extreme that I called again, and asked them to please work me in.
And they did.
Turns out I have a dry socket. They had to flush the extraction site and put in some really, really nasty medicine in it. But guess what? It worked. I feel so much better already.

So there's the reason why I haven't been around lately. It's hard to get the energy to blog when you feel so craptastical. Things should be looking up from here on out, though.


Katie said...

I hate it when you tell a medical professional how you're feeling and they're like "oh it's no big deal!" They don't understand how extreme it is!

Lin said...

Oh no, that's awful! I'm sorry you went through this. I've never had an extraction but the hubs has & I've had to really watch over him & be careful that he didnt get dry socket cause the dentist said it hurts like a mofo. Something, you most definitely already know :/

Glad you're feeling better now.

Laura Darling said...

Ugh I had a dry socket when i got my wisdom teeth out too. That's the worst! Hope you're on the mend soon!