Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Spring 2012 can't get here fast enough...

I've mentioned before about how we don't exactly live in the nicest neighborhood.
We are both college students whose parents don't pay our rent, we have average jobs, therefore we have to take what we can get.
Our apartment is actually kind of nice [on the inside], we have great neighbors, but the people on the other side of the gas station are sketchy as mess.

Every few weeks this woman comes and knocks on our door AFTER dark and begs for money.
First of all, if you need money THAT bad, come during the day when I can see your face, and I'm not scared that you are going to rob me. [I'm extremely scared of the dark] Second of all, I am a college student and struggle to pay my own bills. I understand that people have it harder than I do, but going around begging people for money on a daily basis is NOT a job. Get out there and try to find a job to support yourself. Part of me feels bad because I should be helping those in need, but then my realist side comes in and reminds me that I can't help someone that can't help themselves.

This morning, I wake up to the sound of talking RIGHT outside of my bedroom window. I look outside to see if it's the maintenance man, but it's not. It's some random guy.
Kami started barking, which is not good. This dog NEVER barks unless she feels like she is in danger [or really has to 'use the bathroom']. I have been paranoid for the last few days that our house was going to get broken into because it's Thanksgiving break. Practically everyone has gone home which makes houses/apartments more vulnerable to break-ins. Every year we hear about people getting robbed blind while they were on break. So I woman-ed up. Put my shoes on, and went outside. I thought for sure this guy was looking for a way to break in my house, and I wasn't going to just lay there and watch. So I open the door and ask the man in a very rude tone WHAT he was doing in my yard. Seriously, he looked like a deer in the headlights. Kami continued not just barking but completely freaking out. The dog who will lick anyone to death, could tell that there was just SOMETHING wrong about this man. He said he was picking up pecans. IN MY YARD. When I asked him why, he said he was going to leave, and sure enough, he left.

I can't for the life of me figure out what is going on in someone's mind that they think it's okay to go into someone else's yard, who they have never met before, and dilly dally around.
Several hours after he left, I took Kami outside. She immediately went to the spot where we saw him and started sniffing. Her tail went between her legs and she ran right back into the house. It took ALL I had to drag her back outside to the other end of the yard for her to do her business.

The whole ordeal really freaked me out.
Have you ever had any creepy experiences like these?


SpiritPhoenix said...

Never had an experience like that. Nor do I ever want to. Glad he ran off quickly.

Smart Ass Sara said...

My house... is surrounded by a Nazi, numerous pedophiles, drug dealers and a rapist. So yeah- I have all kinds of sketch up in here. But girl- don't you EVER go out again- you call the cops! There could have been a guy on the other side of your door! You realize I'm going to worry now, right? I worry about everything so now I'm going to worry even more this whole next week. :/

Mr O said...

that's kinda weird about Kami. Not the barking at the beginning (good call on the will-lick-anybody thing) but the fear at the end.

Did I ever tell you I had a similar story? I think so but I will tell it again. When I had the Green Machine and I was working at the flower shop, it was parked by the Movie Gallery and I came back from a delivery to a guy looking in my trunk (I had left my windows down cuz it was hot - i know i know, i learned my lesson).

Anyway, I ask him "Can I help you?" and he looks at me, kinda dazed, and says "naw, you can't" and gets in his truck and leaves.

Katie said...

Oh thats so weird! I would be scared too! Good for you for showing him who's boss. Maybe he had dementia?

And I dunno whats worse, door to door evangelists or door to door beggars. WEIRD!