Saturday, October 23, 2010

Craft Fair::Day 6

Greetings from Indonesia!

Hi lovelies, I’m Christine from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m new on etsy shop and I’m so excited running it! ♥ Jamie invited me to announce my new e-shop at her online craft fair, and it’s just beyond great! (Thanks, Jamie! Love you so much!)

About LVEB

Soooo LVEB is my dream come true. I love everything eco friendly and LVEB is the way I prove myself to what I love. Here you can find everything neat, eco friendly, artistic yet culture-high fashion and accessories!

I have two items featured on etsy treasury, which are this:

my fav red top {I hope your's too! ^^} you can find it here and here.

And this:

Batik bangle! you can find it here.

Not only that, I have another fashion items on my shop:

brown pillow dress! This is way too cool! Very neat and lovely to be worn on thanksgiving! ^^

This dress is way too elegant… Hands down.

and hand-batik bangles

Batik wood bangle —you’ll get 2 pieces!

Batik wood bangle

And another batik wood bangle

Can’t wait to have one? We offer a giveaway to a lucky one! Yaaay! ^^

Yessss, the lucky one will get one of my bangles above, which is this one:

Batik wood bangle

This bangle is traditionally painted with batik process along with Indonesian batik motifs, so perfect to be worn with any clothes!

And how to get it? Simply comment this post before Sunday, October 24th, then Jamie & I will pick the winner according to the generator!

Can’t wait to see ur comments, too! Thanks for stopping by on LVEB and looking forward to your purchase on my shop!

Salam, Christine


Smart Ass Sara said...

Gorgeous stuff! I love all kinds of bracelets. I'm that crazy lady who you can hear from a mile away. :)

Anonymous said...

hey Sara, nice to know you! and congratulations on winning my giveaway! enjoy Indonesian heritage!!! ^^
xoxo, christine