Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Craft Fair::Day 2

While I think most of Jamie's readers know me through my blog, some of you newbies probably don't. My name is Sara and I'm awesome. I also share my awesome with the world at my blog- Sara's Organized Chaos but I also make stuff. That's right- you can own a little piece of my awesome! Lucky duck. My Etsy shop is called ScrapinSara's Gifts because I'm scrappy and my name is Sara. So clever I am...

But I got started in scrapbooking about ten years ago and have gradually become addicted to paper and ribbon. I'm not ashamed to say I own paper and ribbon because it's pretty and I have no plans to use it. I have done cards and scrapbooks for friends and family for the last few years for some extra money but started my Etsy shop almost two years ago. I don't have the time or the resources to really promote my shop like some hardcore shops are doing so I am mostly word of mouth. I like making things for people and I put a lot of time into all of my projects.

The big thing with me is that I really believe you need to put some effort into gifts. I really dislike it when people just put something in a gift bag because it feels half assed and where's the fun in that? I support Etsy shops because you know what you are giving someone is handmade, it's going to be unique, and it shows you put some thought into it. But I am also a big mail sender. I'm pretty sure I alone am keeping the post office in my town going. I am sending cards and handwritten notes to friends and family all of the time, with or without reason. I think the coolness of a handwritten note is still there...it's just that people have gotten lazy. But if you have a cool card you are more inclined to use it. Which is why you should BUY MY STUFF. That and you'll be infinitely cooler because you did.

I am available for custom orders of cards, invitations, treat and favor bags/boxes, gifts, customized picture frames, scrapbooks, etc- contact me directly at slinkies_r_us@hotmail.com or through Etsy conversation. Every purchase comes with extra goodies from my own stash AND you have the satisfaction of knowing my kids get to eat another day. :)

Give away:
A set of 6 'Rock Star' cards


Smart Ass Sara said...

I'm kind of famous!! ;)

asj said...

LOVE these rockstar cards - Sara is such a rockstar herself!!

Natalia said...

Love these cards!

Anonymous said...

Cute cards....I love handmade cards.