Sunday, November 13, 2011

For rent

We recently found out that when Aaron leaves for training, I won't be able to go with him. I knew that I wouldn't get to see him very much, but I at least thought that they would allow us housing. Apparently not.
Our lease at our current apartment is up in July & I won't be able to stay here longer because they require tenants to sign a 12 month lease. I know his training won't last that long, so I'm not going to even bother.
Not to mention my job is a whole hour away, so I might as well just move back 'home' temporarily, right?
This is where it gets sticky.
As of right now, on the days that I work, my grandmother keeps Adelei for me, & then we spend the night so I won't have to commute an hour each way. Which was fine when I was only working 3 days a week. But now that I'm working 5 days a week & every other's getting a little stressful. I think she still sees me as a child even though I am an adult with my own child. I love her & value her opinion, but I don't think I can emotionally handle staying there FULL time & not having an escape.
As of now, I will continue doing it this way because I refuse to pay rent on two apartments. But once our lease ends in Troy & Aaron leaves for training, I was thinking about getting an apartment closer to my job & to my grandmother.
Part of me is scared to even mention this to her because I don't want to upset her.
I need help! I need advice! Have any of you been in a similar situation?
What would you do if you were in my shoes?


Shirley said...

This is so difficult and I completely understand. My mom watches my kids and I feel like I am always walking on egg shells between trying not to leave the kids with her too much and trying not to offend her when someone else watches them. I think you absolutely should move closer to your job at the end of your lease since there is no reason to stay. And as far as living with your grandmother, I think its very hard to live with someone else once you have been on your own. Once Aaron is done with training will he be allowed housing? If that's the case you might not want to get into another lease. But if not then you might want a place for him to unwind as well. I think if you can afford it and you know that you won't be allowed housing for a while then get you a place.

chambanachik said...

That is sticky. and it sucks you won't be able to do with him. (I have a feeling we'll be in the same boat on that one.) I hope everything works out for you guys!

Lin said...

Sticky situation indeed. I totally agree that you shouldn't pay rent on 2 places cause that's just wasteful but I also know for a fact that it sucks living with family. Especially when they still see you as a child...I say you ride it out the way it is now as long as possible. Good luck hon!