Sunday, April 17, 2011

If you could see me now..

Spring Break is officially over.
I'm so sad to see it go, mostly because I didn't really feel like I had a break at all.
Within minutes of my last post, my Nanny called to tell me how much pain she was in and I ended up going to her house that night. The next morning, she was admitted to the hospital for dehydration. I have been sitting with her at the hospital during the day since Thursday.
She's doing better now, and they're sending her home.
While I was there, I did a lot of thinking.
I'm not going to worry about working in the baby's room anymore until after I finish my internship.
I need to focus on getting all my documents in order for my portfolio check that is coming up in a few weeks.
It's not so much that I'm stressing myself out, but other people are stressing me out.
I know they mean well, but everybody and their mama asking me 203984923 billion questions about the baby is what I have pin pointed as my main source of stress right now.
Anyways, I'm just going to try to relax today because I'm sure the first week back to school after spring break is going to be very hectic.

Here is what I'm looking forward to:

April 29th - Last day of Internship
May 2nd - 4D Ultrasound
May 6th - Graduation

p.s. Thank you all so much for the kind words and advice you left for me on my last post!

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Smart Ass Sara said...

Having a baby is SO stressful and overwhelming. After your first baby nobody really cares? Which sounds mean, but it's true. :) And after you have the baby be ready for people to be even MORE overwhelming.. so get a game plan in check for visits and stuff. :)