Sunday, August 22, 2010


I found out this morning that the local animal shelter was responsible for the death of 21 dogs.
I got this overwhelming sick feeling in my stomach, and I felt like I was going to cry. It broke my heart. Not only do I have a soft spot for homeless animals [well, pretty much all animals], but that shelter is where we got Kami.
All I could think about is, what if they would have killed Kami before we even got the chance to adopt her? What if her brother was still in there? What bothers me the most, is that they are supposedly a 'no kill' shelter. That is what we were told when we went looking for a pet, and that is what they claim to be. *sigh*
So please, please, PLEASE...when you decide that you are ready for an animal, check your local shelters first. I know everyone loves to buy 'designer' dogs, but it is seriously worth it to adopt a pet from a shelter.

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Smart Ass Sara said...

I've learned that there really is no such thing as a no kill shelter. Eventually they run out of room and there is no other option. When we gave Rosie up we brought her to a no kill but after reading the stuff Matt signed it says that after 90 days she may be put down if overcrowding is an issue. I'm practically whoring that cat out EVERYWHERE so she gets adopted before the 90 days. :(