Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday 5

1. What are you most afraid of?

not being able to have children..and losing my grandmother. i don't want to know that jamie.

2. Do you use a flat iron or curling iron?
i used to use my flat iron religiously, but haven't used it much since december.

3. Hands-free or phone to the ear?
phone to ear.

4. Do you have a matching bedroom set?
nope. i wish we did, and we day.

5. Do you believe in the paranormal?
no.....but a long time ago, i thought i saw a ghost sweeping the porch of the house down the street. i didn't.


j said...

not being able to have children, haunts me.

Emma Hughes said...

I think the fear of not being able to have children is in every woman who plans kids someday.... because you have no way to know that you can or cant until you actually start trying!

:) I've been pregnant twice but I still wonder if I will be able to get pregnant again!