Friday, February 27, 2009

Bag Tagged!

My sister bag-tagged me, so here it goes!

My bag of choice:

It is much cuter in real life! I am not that big into purses, so unlike most ladies, I keep mine until they fall apart. I got this one for Christmas, and I LOVE it. It does get a bit annoying at times though, because you always have to hold it, instead of carrying it on your shoulder. Oh well :)

So, what's inside?

-orbit gum - sangria fresca [the best gum. ever.]
-a lot of beer bottle caps. no i'm not an alcoholic, i'm collecting them from anyone and everyone for an art project.
-random loose change.
-my ugly, messy wallet.
-chap stick.
-diamond point etching needle. because printmaking is my life right now.
-a sailor jerry's girl to put in my collage book, when i find the time.
-mp3 player :)
-jump drive.
-random receipts.

1 comment:

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

wow, what a cute bag. =)